Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Zimbabwe

Investment Promotion, Export Development and Economic Empowerment Department

Director Investment Promotion, Export Development and Economic Empowerment: Mr Innocent Madziva
  • Design and coordinate the formulation and implementation of economic policies to attract investors in consultation with ZIDA;
  • Participate in bilateral, regional and multilateral negotiations;
  • Analyse data/information on national and global investment trends and advise all economic sectors of the economy;
  • Formulate and implement public sector investment programmes;
  • Implement Export Development policies and strategies;
  • Implement the provisions of regional and international trade agreements;
  • Coordinate hosting of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fairs;
  • Coordinate local companies to participate at foreign exhibitions, expos and trade shows;
  • Formulate, coordinate, and monitor the implementation of the economic empowerment legislation;
  • Monitor businesses operating in the reserved sectors;
  • Facilitate the resourcing, setting up and operationalisation of Community Share Ownership Trusts;
  • Monitor and supervise the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Fund; and
  • Participate in COMESA negotiations, SADC Industrialization and AfCFTA and industrialization programmes in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.