Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Zimbabwe

Internal Audit Unit

  • Provide assurance and advisory services to the Ministry on Governance issues, risk management and controls.
  • Planning and executing audits within the organization;
  • Assess the effectiveness of internal controls, compliance with policies and procedures, and verify the accuracy of financial and operational data;
  • Identify and evaluate potential risks that could affect the organization’s objectives;
  • Analyse processes, systems, and controls to determine areas of vulnerability and recommend measures to mitigate risks;
  • Review and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization’s internal controls. They ensure that policies and procedures are in place to safeguard assets, manage risks, and promote compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Prepare detailed audit reports summarizing their findings, observations, and recommendations. These reports are shared with management and stakeholders to facilitate decision-making and improvement initiatives;
  • Monitor compliance with laws, regulations, and internal policies. They review processes, records, and transactions to ensure adherence to legal requirements and government standards;
  • Identifying opportunities for operational and process improvements. They offer recommendations to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and risk management within the organization; and
  • Interact with various stakeholders, including management, employees, and external parties. They build relationships, provide guidance, and communicate audit findings and recommendations to ensure understanding and cooperation.