Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Zimbabwe

Procurement Management Unit

  • Plan the procurement activities of the Ministry;
  • Secure the adoption of the appropriate procurement method;
  • Prepare bidding documents in compliance with the Regulations;
  • Prepare bid notices and short-lists;
  • Manage bidding processes, including pre-bid meetings, clarifications and the receipt and opening of bids;
  • Manage the evaluation of bids and any post qualification negotiations required;
  • Supervise the Ministry’s procurement and evaluation committee;
  • Prepare evaluation reports, including contract award recommendations, where the value of the procurement Less than the prescribed threshold;
  • Prepare contract documents and amendments;
  • Manage procurement contract or overseeing their management; and
  • Prepare procurement reports, procurement plans, as may be required by the Accounting Officer or the Regulatory Authority.