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About the Ministry

Ministry Vision:

Zimbabwe will be a competitive, sustainable and industrialised economy benefiting fully from its national endowments including its natural resources by 2025.


To facilitate sustainable industrial and commercial growth for socio-economic development.








Promote and develop industrialisation and entrepreneurship;

Formulate and implement industrial policies and strategies for industrial and commercial growth; Formulate and  implement trade policies and strategies for export promotion;

Promote, maintain and expand mutually advantageous trade and trade relations with foreign countries and businesses;

Formulate  and implement strategies to promote fair competition and consumer protection

Formulate and implement quality standards  policies;

Monitor the operations of parastatals, state enterprises and grant aided institutions under the Ministry.

The Ministry’s broad policy mandate is to formulate industrial and commercial development policies and strategies. In order to execute its mandate and core functions, the Ministry is currently organised into seven departments, namely:

Enterprise Development

Research, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs

International Trade

Finance, Administration and Human Resources


Legal Services

Standards Development and Quality Assurance


The Ministry of Industry and Commerce executes its mandate guided by the following terms of reference:

Bonus Prohibition Act [Chapter 14:03]

Commercial Premises (Lease Control) Act [Chapter 14:04]

Competition Act [Chapter 14:28] (Act No. 7 of 1996)

Consumer Contracts Acts [Chapter 8:03]

Control of Goods Act [Chapter 14:05]

Export Credit Reinsurance Act [Chapter 14:06]

Industrial Development Corporation Act [Chapter 14:10]

Iron and Steel Industry Act [Chapter 14:11]

Merchandise Marks Act [Chapter 14:13]

Metrication (Conversion and Adoption) Act (Act No. 43 of 1971)

National Incomes and Pricing Commission Act [Chapter 14:32] (Act No. 2 of 2007)

One Stop Border Post Control Act [Chapter 3:04]

Produce Export Act [Chapter 18:17]

Standardisation of Soap Act [Chapter 14:18]

Standards Development Fund Act [Chapter 14:19]

Sugar Production Control Act [Chapter 18:19]

Trade Coupons Act [Chapter 14:21]

Trade Development Surcharge Act [Chapter 14:22]

Trade Measures Act [Chapter 14:23]

White Phosphorous Act [Chapter 14:25]

Zimbabwe Development Corporation Act [Chapter 24:15]

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Act [Chapter 14:26]

Zimbabwe State Trading Corporation (Repeal) Act [Chapter 1:98]

The Ministry also oversees the operations of four public enterprises and parastatals:

Industrial Development Corporation

Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company

Olivine Industries

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Company

In addition to these, the Ministry also administers the following public bodies namely;

Competition and Tariff Commission

National Incomes and Pricing Commission

It also has a close working relationship with other important bodies, namely;

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ)

The Standards Association of Zimbabwe(SAZ)