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The Ministry is comprised of seven departments which are; Enterprise Development, International Trade, Research and Domestic Trade, Standards Development and Quality Assurance, Finance, Administration and Human Resources, Legal and Audit.


  • Formulate and facilitate the implementation of policies and developmental measures for growth of the industrial and commercial sectors, in line with national priorities and socio-economic objectives;
  • Monitor the growth and development in key industrial areas and make appropriate policy amendments to address the emerging concerns;
  • Spearhead and promote the implementation of the Cluster Development Initiative nationwide;
  • Promote the implementation of the investment policy; and
  • Enhance operational capacity of state enterprises and/or parastatals.


  • Formulate and facilitate the implementation of the National Trade Policy (NTP);
  • Provide leadership and guidance for trade related negotiations at bilateral, multilateral and at the regional levels;
  • Promote Zimbabwe’s export of products and services by strengthening bilateral, multilateral and regional trade relations and cooperation;
  • Implement the domesticate bilateral, regional and multilateral trade Agreements/Protocols and Treaties;
  • Coordinate Zimbabwe’s membership to regional and international trading organizations and hosting of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade meetings for incoming and outgoing trade missions;
  • Coordinate the participation of local and foreign exhibitors at Zimbabwe’s International Trade fair as well as promote participation of Zimbabwean companies in regional, and international trade and investment fairs, missions and exhibitions;
  • Administer the National Trade Promotion Offices abroad; and
  • Extend continuous support to exporters and provide information on regional and international markets;


  • Oversee research and policy planning of the industrial and commercial sectors in the country in consultation with stakeholders and other Ministry Departments;
  • Conduct studies and research aimed at creating a macro-economic environment conducive to investment and prepare regular analytic reports on the country’s investment status;
  • Develop a Ministerial Web Portal, ensure effective internet access to the Ministry and its branches countrywide, and facilitate the gathering of website content and its constant up-date;
  • Develop a Ministerial database that provides a link between the Ministry and its stakeholders;
  • Formulate, implement, monitor and review consumer protection policies and regulations;
  • Monitor the availability of basic commodities and services and propose remedial measures;
  • Administer the national Legal Metrological system, regulate its enforcement and coordinate activities of the concerned regulatory bodies;
  • Conduct Research on the implementation of Spatial Development Initiatives critical for regional integration agenda;
  • Promote Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in line with the PPP legal framework as well as through participation in SMART Partnership Dialogues
  • Oversee the establishment and follow up the implementation of comprehensive system for the prevention of uncompetitive trade practices and provide protection to consumers in accordance with the law; and
  • Develop the consumer rights awareness programmes through the establishment of cooperative societies, including those of consumers, chambers of commerce and sectorial associations.


  • Formulate and monitor the implementation of Standards Development and Quality Assurance policy in line with the national priorities and socio-economic objectives;
  • Closely monitor the compliance of goods and services with the requirements of mandatory national standards;
  • Coordinate the enforcement of standards applied by other enforcement bodies, organize and direct implementation review of the same;
  • Domesticate Zimbabwe’s international and regional commitments for standards and quality assurance;
  • Develop the consumer rights awareness programs through the establishment of cooperative societies, including those of consumers, chambers of commerce and sectoral associations;
  • Monitoring the application of Legal Metrology standards in line with international best practices.


  • Provide financial management, human resources management and administrative support services.
  • Revenue collection


  • Monitor financial, administration, human resources and accounting procedures.
  • Evaluate the cost effectiveness of projects that are undertaken by the Ministry and reporting units


Provide legal support services to the Ministry.