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  • Oversee research and policy planning of the industrial and commercial sectors in the country in consultation with stakeholders and other Ministry Departments;
  • Conduct studies and research aimed at creating a macro-economic environment conducive to investment and prepare regular analytic reports on the country’s investment status;
  • Develop a Ministerial Web Portal, ensure effective internet access to the Ministry and its branches countrywide, and facilitate the gathering of website content and its constant up-date;
  • Develop a Ministerial database that provides a link between the Ministry and its stakeholders;
  • Formulate, implement, monitor and review consumer protection policies and regulations;
  • Monitor the availability of basic commodities and services and propose remedial measures;
  • Administer the national Legal Metrological system, regulate its enforcement and coordinate activities of the concerned regulatory bodies;
  • Conduct Research on the implementation of Spatial Development Initiatives critical for regional integration agenda;
  • Promote Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in line with the PPP legal framework as well as through participation in SMART Partnership Dialogues
  • Oversee the establishment and follow up the implementation of comprehensive system for the prevention of uncompetitive trade practices and provide protection to consumers in accordance with the law; and
  • Develop the consumer rights awareness programmes through the establishment of cooperative societies, including those of consumers, chambers of commerce and sectorial associations.