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President officially launched the E.D Mnangagwa Business Summit

President officially launched the E.D Mnangagwa Business Summit

His Excellency, the President, Dr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa officially launched the ED Mnangagwa Business Summit held at Rainbow Towers in Harare recently which he said complimented Government efforts to promote Public-Private sector engagement.

“It is my hope that this platform will help complement current efforts by my government to enhance dialogue between Government and business, for the common good of us all, the people of Zimbabwe”, said the President.

The President said the ED Mnangagwa Business Summit was an indication of the acknowledgment by the private sector of the Second Republic’s sound policies and milestones it has made in transforming the economy.

“I am encouraged that this Summit recognizes the strides the Second Republic is making in transforming the economy through the implementation of sound policies as we march towards the attainment of our vision of a Prosperous and Empowered Upper Middle-Income Economy by 2030”, he said.

He underscored that the government’s policy thrust was geared towards the growth of the private sector to promote local production.

“My Administration’s policies and programs remain focused on private sector growth…with emphasis on increased productivity, value addition, beneficiation, and exports.

“This is critical for enhancing domestic production by our firms as we seek to increase capacity utilization”, said the President.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Honourabe Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Sekai I. Nzenza said Government’s friendly business policies fostered a strong relationship between the Government and the private sector.

“I am happy to report to you that the Second Republic has worked tirelessly to develop a good working relationship with business organisations and will continue to come up with a raft of business-friendly policies”, she said.

She also underscored that her Ministry’s efforts to promote industrialization through value chain development, anchored on Local content strategy, had produced positive results, which was emanating from the strong partnership between Government and the private sector.

“To enhance industrialization through the value chain development, the Ministry developed a Local content Strategy which promotes the value addition of locally available raw materials and fostering business linkages domestically.

“The successful implementation of the Local Content Strategy is largely attributed to the collaboration between the Government, private sector, and development partners”, said Hon Dr. Nzenza