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About Us


The Ministry is mandated with promoting the development of vibrant, sustainable and globally competitive industrial and commercial enterprises, through the provision of enabling policy and regulatory framework

  • Formulate and implement  policies and strategies for industrial and commercial growth;
  • Develop and implement policies and strategies to promote consumer protection;
  • Implement the National Trade Policy and Export Development Strategy;
  • Participate in investment protocol negotiations, domestication, implementation and review in consultation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade;
  • Participate in negotiations of regional and international trade agreements with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade leading;
  • Organise and coordinate the hosting of Zimbabwe International Trade Fairs
  • Coordinate local companies to participate at foreign exhibitions and trade shows;
  • Negotiate, domesticate and implement Zimbabwe’s regional and international standards and quality assurance commitments and obligations
  • Formulate policies  and strategies on investment and special economic zones
  • Develop and implement strategies and policies for economic empowerment 
  • Oversee the operations of parastatals, state enterprises and grant aided institutions that fall within the jurisdiction of the Ministry

To facilitate and promote the development of sustainable, innovative, inclusive and globally competitive industrial and commercial enterprises for improved consumer welfare and economic growth.


A technologically advanced, competitive and diversified industry by 2030.

  •  Diligence

Apply earnest and persistence to our work with due care.

  • Integrity

Being honest, fair, observe equality and moral principles as we discharge our duties.

  • Professionalism

Committed to proficiency, reliability and excellence.

  • Teamwork

Valuing a united family and treat one another with respect whilst acknowledging our different roles in achieving desired results.